007 Marathon: Tomorrow Never Dies

Pierce Brosnan’s second Bond outing, 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies, is a bit goofier than GoldenEye, but has just enough entertainment value to make it one of the more fun films of the franchise, and a movie that will likely become a guilty pleasure of mine for years to come. Tomorrow Never Dies is wackier than GoldenEye, as it introduces a host of new gadgets, […]

007 Marathon: GoldenEye

Timothy Dalton’s short tenure as 007 is (unfortunately) over, which means that it’s time for Pierce Brosnan (who was wanted for the role in The Living Daylights but couldn’t take it because of a commitment to Remington Steele) to take over. This is the point in my 007 Marathon when things start to feel familiar, as Brosnan was the […]

007 Marathon: Licence To Kill

After the exceptional reboot that was The Living Daylights, I was really looking forward to Timothy Dalton’s second (and last) portrayal of 007 in 1989’s Licence to Kill. While still a riveting Bond adventure, I didn’t end up liking it as much as its predecessor. While The Living Daylights re-introduced audiences to a more serious Bond, Licence to Kill took that even further. It’s a very dark, […]

007 Marathon: The Living Daylights

Oh, so this is what it feels like to really, really love a James Bond movie! This is a feeling I haven’t felt since… Goldfinger?! Has it been that long? Roger Moore is out, and it’s Timothy Dalton’s turn to don the tuxedo of 007 for 1987’s quasi-reboot of the franchise, The Living Daylights, which has quickly become one of my […]

007 Marathon: A View To A Kill

Here we are at last, folks, the final film in Roger Moore’s seven-film run as 007. Will he go out on an Octopussy-like high note? Or sink back down into Moonraker’s orbit? Honestly… it’s a little bit of both. 1985’s A View To A Kill is one hell of an uneven movie. If you thought Octopussy was sprawling, think again, […]