Review: The LEGO Ninjago Movie 70606 Spinjitzu Training

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My latest LEGO set review for is up, just in time for this week’s release of The LEGO Ninjago Movie! The set is 70606, Spinjitzu Training, which comes with two minifigures and a fantastic little dojo.

You can read my review, and check out my test shots, here!



Review: LEGO Star Wars 75176 Resistance Transport Pod

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In addition to my regular posts for, I’m now going to be doing reviews as well!

My first review out the gate is the new LEGO Star Wars 75176 Resistance Transport Pod, featuring Finn, BB-8, and new Star Wars: The Last Jedi character Rose Tico. You can read my thoughts on the new set here.


007 Marathon: Skyfall

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At long last, we’ve arrived at the final film in my 007 Marathon, Skyfall! This is actually my favorite film in the Bond franchise (which I can now say with confidence, having just watched all of them), for a number of reasons. It’s the first of the Bond movies I saw in a theater (on my birthday, no less!), is what really got me interested in the series beyond just Daniel Craig’s run, and is – in addition to being a great entry to the franchise – a love letter to all that’s come before and the reemergence of many core Bond elements that had, until this point, been missing from the series since Casino Royale. 

007 Marathon: Quantum Of Solace

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The James Bond franchise was rebooted to great success in 2006’s Casino Royalebut almost hit a major roadblock with its 2008 sequel, Quantum of Solace, which was not very well received by critics or fans of the series. Luckily, it didn’t kill the franchise – but it did take the wind out of its sails until Skyfall came around four years later to straighten things out again.

007 Marathon: Casino Royale

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We’re entering the last leg of my 007 Marathon, which brings us to my favorite era of the James Bond franchise: the Daniel Craig years! Pierce Brosnan may have been the Bond that I grew up with, but I didn’t really care about the series until the 2006 reboot, which ditched all of the series’ cheesy elements, and took the “dark and gritty” approach with the characters’ reimagining, while also featuring the super spy at the beginning of his career as a 00.