My Favorite Movies of 2017

Wow, 2017 is over already?? How on Earth could this year have gone by so fast, and felt ten years long? It might have been a mess politically, but 2017 was actually a great year for movies, big and small.  Like every year, there were a wide variety of surprises, and I actually had a pretty hard time finalizing... Continue Reading →


007 Marathon: A View To A Kill

Here we are at last, folks, the final film in Roger Moore's seven-film run as 007. Will he go out on an Octopussy-like high note? Or sink back down into Moonraker's orbit? Honestly... it's a little bit of both. 1985's A View To A Kill is one hell of an uneven movie. If you thought Octopussy was sprawling, think again,... Continue Reading →

007 Marathon: Octopussy

Octopussy is a lot like all of Roger Moore's Bond films - a sprawling plot, several interweaving storylines, and a reliance on camp - but unlike entries like For Your Eyes Only or Live and Let Die, I found myself entertained by most of it. Hell, I'd count Octopussy as one of only two Roger Moore films I've truly enjoyed so far, the first... Continue Reading →

007 Marathon: Moonraker

Moonraker was, believe it or not, one of the Bond films I was most looking forward to watching. I'm a big sucker for movies about astronauts and outer space (the mere sight of a space shuttle makes me giddy, and there are six in the movie!), so "James Bond in Space" sounded like a real good time.... Continue Reading →

007 Marathon: The Spy Who Loved Me

After the two disappointments that were Live And Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun (I'll give you one guess about who my least favorite Bond is), I'm happy to report that The Spy Who Loved Me is a big step up for 007, and the first Bond movie I've really enjoyed since On Her Majesty's Secret Service. I was feeling... Continue Reading →

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