Promotional Videos

I’ve worked on promotional videos for both local, small businesses, and international, multi-million dollar companies. Here are a few samples of my work.

The John Maxwell Team

I served as the head video editor for the John Maxwell Team, where I made over one hundred videos for their international marketing campaigns. I also edited videos that played at their yearly conventions, as well as their daily A Minute with Maxwell video coaching program.

Transformation Costa Rica announcement 

The John Maxwell Team’s Global Reach

The International Maxwell Certification event Early Access Promotion

Amy K. Graves Photography

I helped professional photographer Amy K. Graves with her promotional reel, highlighting her unique style and energy.

Green Leos

I’ve worked for local business Green Leos to help them launch their revolutionary invention, The Rocket, the world’s first ever, hands-free painting roller cover cleaner.

“The Rocket” Kickstarter video

Infomercial for “The Rocket”

“The Rocket” instructional video


Wedding Videos


LEGO Photography

“I didn’t know there was so much snow in the whole galaxy”
Left Behind
Black Swan
Pig in a blanket
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Day Job
Fearless Warrior

007 Marathon

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.14.32 AM

In the lead up to the release of SPECTRE, I watched all 23 previous Bond films over the course of five days (18 of them for the first time!), and wrote about each one. You can find links to each article below!

  1. Dr. No

2. From Russia With Love

3. Goldfinger

4. Thunderball

5. You Only Live Twice

6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

7. Diamonds Are Forever

8. Live And Let Die

9. The Man With The Golden Gun

10. The Spy Who Loved Me

11. Moonraker

12. For Your Eyes Only

13. Octopussy

14. A View To A Kill

15. The Living Daylights

16. Licence To Kill

17. GoldenEye

18. Tomorrow Never Dies

19. The World Is Not Enough

20. Die Another Day

21. Casino Royale

22. Quantum of Solace

23. Skyfall



The Films Of

In 2011 I  started the Films Of series, which are video compilations featuring some of my favorite Hollywood directors. Each video features a director’s entire filmography, serving as a tribute to their body of work. 

You can view all of the Films Of videos, as well as some other video edits I’ve done, on my Youtube page.

The Films Of: Pixar Animation Studios

I’ve made seven videos so far, which you can view by clicking on each name below:

Jason Reitman

Zack Snyder

Gore Verbinski

Quentin Tarantino

David Fincher

Michel Gondry

Pixar Animation Studios.

The Poster Network

In 2012, I made a series of movie posters featuring iconic characters, inspired by the now-iconic one sheet for The Social Network. Check them out below.

Mobile Micro Shows

Co-created by myself and writer/teacher Benjamin Arnold in 2011, the Mobile Micro Shows were a series of videos highlighting local artists and musicians in Reno, Nevada and Portland, Oregon. We filmed and interviewed 42 artists and bands, in a variety of unique locations.

Here are a handful of our best episodes:

You can view all of the Mobile Micro Shows here.

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