The Big Debate: Franchise Fatigue & Release Date Feuds

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The latest edition of We Got This Covered’s “The Big Debate” is now live! Last time around, the topic was about the differences between the ways Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers/DC structure and connect their TV and film cinematic universes. Now, Sarah Myles, Lauren Humphries-Brooks and I discuss an even bigger topic: franchise fatigue.

These days, a single successful movie is a real rarity. As soon as a title makes its money back – and sometimes, even before it has been released in the first place – it seems a franchise is immediately planned. Moreover, those franchises increasingly come with pre-claimed release dates, far into the future, as studios duke it out for dominance over the prime slots. Are the implications of these trends desirable for the film industry and audiences alike, or is one cashing in at the expense of the other?

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below, and read what we have to say about it here.


Obligatory Introductory Post

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Hello! My name is James Garcia. I’m a writer, photographer, and filmmaker living in Portland, OR. I do various projects around the web, and want to use this blog as a sort of central hub for it all. I’m an entertainment and pop culture writer for WhatCulture, have my own video production company called Gilded Moose Media, and am a Lego enthusiast who takes Lego photos for fun.

I’ve started and subsequently given up several blogs over the years, but am trying to give it another shot here. I often spread myself too thin, or start too many projects at once (I get inspired easily), resulting in a confusing array of different websites for people to visit. I’m on a mission to simplify my life and really focus on the things I love and care about most. This blog will be one of those things, and will not only contain all of the pictures and videos I make, but a collection of my writings and various ramblings as well.

I’m an enormous cinephile and love to rant/rave/debate about movies. So, be on the lookout for those posts here as well.

Welcome to the new blog! I hope you stay a while and enjoy the work I do. I have a lot of fun and am constantly teaching myself new skills and finding new things I like to do. It’s a bit of an adventure and an exciting process, and I’m glad you’re here to share it with me! It’s incredibly late at night now and I have to work early in the morning (which always seems to be the case when I’m given bursts of creative inspiration) so I’ll call it a night. Please excuse this probably boring, superfluous opening post. I promise the blog will get better. 🙂