The Many Faces Of The Joker

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The Joker, one of the single greatest and most iconic villains of all time, turns 75 years old today. To celebrate, here’s a quick look back at several of the different film and TV iterations of the character, from Cesar Romero’s mustachioed Clown Prince to Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning agent of chaos.


Exclusive Interview With The Flash’s Chad Rook

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They say a hero is only as good as his villain, and this year on The Flash Barry Allen will have his work cut out for him as he faces various members of The Rogues, a team of supervillains who unite to take him down.

We’ll be seeing several Rogues on the series this year, from Captain Cold to Gorilla Grodd. Weather Wizard is first out the gate though, and raises hell in Central City in The Flash‘s premiere episode (read my review here). This summer I was given the chance to talk with Weather Wizard himself, Chad Rook, and asked him about his role on the show, his history with comics, what the future may hold for Weather Wizard, and more!

The Big Debate: Marvel’s Film/TV Cohesion Vs. DC’s Separate Strategy

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Over at We Got This Covered, some of the writing staff and I have launched a new column called The Big Debate. A few times a month, we’ll pick a hot topic in the world of movie and TV news and, well, debate about it!

Today we launched our inaugural debate: Marvel’s Film/TV Cohesion Vs. DC’s Separate Strategy.

10 Rogues We Want To See On The Flash TV Series

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You know what they say, a hero is only as good as his villain. Luckily for fans of Barry Allen, The Flash has quite a unique rogues gallery, that makes the crazies that Batman faces off with in Gotham look sane by comparison.

The upcoming CW series The Flash will explore many of the scarlet speedster’s foes, with characters like Reverse-Flash, Killer Frost, Plastique, Weather Wizard, and Captain Cold already announced to appear. They won’t be coming to their battles alone, either, as we learned at San Diego Comic-Con last month that the famous villain team The Rogues would assemble on the show and give the Flash a run for his money.

Check out my list of 1o Rogues We Want To See On The Flash TV Series, via WhatCulture!