The Reel James

Writer. LEGO Photographer. Movie lover. Geek.

About Me

screen-shot-2015-11-03-at-2-02-25-amMy name is James Garcia; I’m a writer, LEGO Photographer, and social media marketer living and working in Vancouver, WA. I’m the Creative Director at YoungSocial, and a Senior Staff Writer at Flickering Myth.

I also work on a number of creative projects, and do freelance writing for numerous websites. I’ve served as News Editor at PulpEpic, a Staff Writer at We Got This Covered, and have contributed to such sites as Yahoo, WhatCulture, StuckinPlastic, Comic Book Movie, DCYou, MovieBoozer, and Geeky Universe.

I also work as a videographer, and I was the co-creator and Chief Creative Officer for Mobile Micro Shows, a video series featuring performances and interviews from local bands in Reno, NV and Portland, OR.