On Revisiting and Remaking Old Work

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When I began my foray into LEGO photography in 2013, I had neither sophisticated equipment nor a deep understanding of photography in general. It’s now been 3 years since snapping my first LEGO pic, and I’m still not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I am more confident in the skills I have developed, and more in touch with my personal style.

As I’m sure is the case with many artists, I look back on my old work with a mixture of fond nostalgia and slight embarrassment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with all that I’ve done and how far I’ve come, but I can’t help looking back at some of my old photos and wishing I’d let the ideas marinate a bit, or allowed my skills to develop more, before taking them and releasing them into the wild.

I’ve long wanted to recreate a few of my old photos, just to see if I could improve upon them now that I have a better handle on who I am as a photographer (and, honestly, now that I have actual lights and not just an old desk lamp). 2016 is the year that I really want to truly grow and evolve as a photographer, and as such, it’s the year that I finally accept that challenge.

The first photo out the gate is one of my favorite concepts, Day Job. The original photo, below, is simple: The Flash delivering pizza. It’s the epitome of what I try to accomplish in my photos: An entire story told in an instant, with a tinge of humor and some shameless geekiness.



As much as I love the idea that I was able to capture, I was never in love with the way I captured it. The lighting is a bit harsh, I don’t like that the Flash is holding the actual pizza in his hands, he has a bit of an angry look on his face, and the LEGO modular building in the background is more of a distraction than a scene-setter. As it turns out, I’ve since gotten my hands on an actual LEGO pizza box, a better lighting setup, and have acquired a couple more modular buildings to help set the scene. Check out what I was able to capture the second time around!



It’s funny how a simple smile on the Flash’s face goes such a long way in improving the overall pleasantness of the image.


Much better, eh? The picky artist in me can finally put this one to rest! And, funnily enough, the two photos were actually taken exactly two years apart, to the actual day. I didn’t even plan that! I suppose it was just meant to work out that way.

What do you think? Do you think I’ve improved on the first image? Have you ever gone back to your old work to refine previous concepts and ideas?


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