Over the past two days, I spent about 4 hours on a LEGO photo that just wasn’t working, which was frustrating beyond all belief. Part of it had to do with my own limited options (most of my LEGO is still in storage), while the rest had to do with how very unflexible my rudimentary light setup is.

Long story short, I scrapped the picture for the time being, and took my frustration outside, where I ended up taking one of my favorite LEGO pics yet (the Wall-E photo, above). I’ve always found great pleasure in shooting LEGO outside, largely because the lighting always looks more natural because, well, it is natural.

Two of my favorite photos I’ve taken are, non coincidentally, outdoor shots

There’s something wonderful about seeing minifigs and LEGO setups “in the wild,” as it were. If you set your scene up properly, you can really hide the small scale of the bricks, and create an immersive, striking image. Today’s particular photo, “Directive?” has been in my head for quite some time now, so I was happy to finally bring it to life. It took me about fifteen minutes. My homemade lightbox can stick it where the sun don’t shine.