In Defense Of Superhero Movies And Their Place At The Oscars


Anyone a fan of genre films or superheroes in general left last night’s Academy Awards feeling a bit spurned by the overall sentiment that comic book-based movies aren’t as deserving of praise or worthy of being called “films.” That’s because there were several below-the-belt quips and comments about the genre, on top of a slew of complaints from various Academy members and other people in Hollywood about the “wave” of superhero films that are apparently plaguing Hollywood.


Predicting The Winners Of The 2015 Academy Awards

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It’s officially Oscar day, and you know what that means: It’s time to predict the winners of the 87th Academy Awards! Here are my picks, as well as a bit of insight into why I chose the films I did and which movies I think should win instead.

I promise to keep the complaining about The LEGO Movie’s snub to a minimum…