Predicting The Biggest Oscar Snubs Of 2015

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Awards season is upon us, and tomorrow the nominees for the mackdaddy of movie award shows will be revealed. That’s right, the Oscar nominees will be officially released tomorrow, followed swiftly by floods of angry tweets, Facebook posts and Youtube videos denouncing the Academy for snubbing some of the best films and performances of the past year. Basically, cinephiles the world over will look like this:


Rather than make a list of who I think may walk away with a nomination, here are my predictions for those the Academy will overlook while providing us with another boring, predictable list of Oscar hopefuls tomorrow.

And the Oscar snub goes to…


Star Wars: Fury Road Mashup Trailer

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The last time I made a video that wasn’t videography-related was in April of 2013. That’s just insane. I hope to remedy that in 2015, and will be making a string of trailer mashups, video essays, and more.

The first one out the gate is a new trailer mashup between Star Wars and Mad Max: Fury Road. Star Wars: Fury Road combines footage from The Phantom Menace with the audio and style of the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer. Check it out below!

My Most Anticipated Films Of 2015

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A new year is upon is, which means we have a whole new year of films to look forward to! I’ve already round up my favorite movie moments and favorite films of 2014, and now it’s time to look at the year ahead and plot out the movies I’m most looking forward to in 2015.