Batman Is Getting A LEGO Movie Spinoff Because Everything Is Awesome

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After stealing the show in the already incredible The LEGO Movie earlier this year, Batman (voiced by the always hilarious Will Arnett) is getting his own spin-off film!

The film has been put on the fast track for a 2017 release, with The LEGO Movie‘s animation director Chris McKay at the helm. McKay was originally tapped to pen The LEGO Movie sequel, but will handle LEGO Batman instead. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author Seth Grahame-Smith will pen the script.

As a huge fan of both LEGO and Batman, I couldn’t be more excited about this news. Batman has been the star of three of his own LEGO Batman games, which have all been extremely fun and entertaining. There’s no word on what the film will be about, but my guess is it will be a fun adventure into the DC Comics side of the LEGO movie universe.

This is also yet another sign that Warner Brothers is aiming to expand The LEGO Movie into a cinematic franchise, with proper LEGO Movie sequels coinciding with spin-offs. A LEGO Ninjago movie is in the works and is slated for release on September 23, 2016.

Yep, everything is awesome!

Source: THR


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