LEGO Heads Are Designed To Save The Lives Of Children

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So, I ran a blog devoted to LEGO and my LEGO photography for a while, but have decided to integrate that blog with this one. As such, I’ll be reposting some old entries here, and thought this one in particular was worth sharing again: LEGO Heads are Literally Designed To Save the Lives of Children. Cool, eh?

Have you ever noticed that LEGO heads have three tiny holes on the top, inside of the little peg that sticks out? As it turns out, those are there for a very specific purpose: to save the life of a child, if need be.

According to the LEGO Group, minifigures are designed to allow air to pass through them, in case they ever get lodged in a child’s throat!

“We added this hole on the top of the head just in case any kids got one of the heads stuck on their throat. That way they would be able to keep breathing.”

How amazing is that? That little peg on top of a LEGO’s head is one of the most iconic and defining features of the popular building toy, and only tangentially related to its core function of snapping into other LEGO bricks. This is just another prime example of the levels of genius involved in LEGO’s design.


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