5 Actors Who Could Play Shazam

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After months of endless teasing and hinting, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has finally revealed his role in Warner Brothers’ upcoming (and still unannounced) Shazam movie. He won’t play the titular hero as many of us believed, but will instead play his arch-nemesis, Black Adam. This is exceptional casting and I have no doubt that Johnson’s charisma, screen presence, and hulking physique will aid him in becoming a great villain and memorable villain. He also hinted that Black Adam will be a bit of an anti-hero, as the character is in the New 52 relaunch, so my guess is he’ll have plenty of screentime to play around with. 

This is Shazam movie though, so Johnson’s announcement came with one giant question mark: Who will play Shazam?! 

Whoever lands the title role will need to meet a few criteria. First of all, he’s got to be in enough physical shape to face off with The Rock. That’s no easy task, and while there are few actors out there that match the former wrestler’s massive physique, there are definitely some who come close or could put up a believable fight (too bad Vin Diesel’s over at Marvel, eh?)

Secondly, the actor needs to portray the fun, adventurous side of the character. Shazam is the alter-ego of young boy Billy Batson, who transforms into an adult superhero after saying the magic word, “Shazam!” Even as Shazam, Billy Batson’s young personality needs to shine through. The entire idea of this film (and the performance that comes with it) needs to be, “Have you ever dreamed of becoming Superman?” because that’s exactly what Batson’s story is. He’s a kid who gets the chance to turn into a superhero and defeat bad guys. That’s awesome, and leaves plenty of room for a fun, wildly entertaining film. 

There are plenty of actors to choose from that meet this criteria, but here are 5 actors I think would be great for the job:

5. Brandon Molale 


Actor and stuntman Brandon Molale is simply perfect for Shazam, and has been in contention for the role ever since the film was announced a few years back. He’s big, he’s charismatic, and he’s incredibly interested in playing the part. Plus, he looks just like him! 

4. Bruce Campbell


Okay, this would never happen in a million years, but who better to bring Shazam’s wild, fun, charismatic, and hilarious side to life on the big screen than Bruce freakin’ Campbell? No one, that’s who. 

3. Daniel Cudmore


It’s a shame that Daniel Cudmore is wasting his time with playing Colossus in Fox’s X-Men franchise, because he’d be a great fit for Shazam. It could happen though, as we’ve seen actors jump from one studio’s comic book franchise to the next. Ben Affleck went from playing Daredevil to Batman, Josh Brolin has played Jonah Hex, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For‘s Dwight, and Thanos, while Chris Evans went from playing Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four to suiting up as Captain America for Marvel. It’s not like he’s getting much screentime in X-Men anyway, so why not hop over to DC and be the star? 

2. Patrick Warburton


Yes, that Patrick Warburton. Much like Bruce Campbell, he’s a longshot but would fit the role perfectly. He oozes charisma, has the comedic chops for the role, and is not someone you’d want to engage in fisticuffs with. Plus, he fits Shazam’s nickname of “The Big Red Cheese” perfectly, don’t you think?

1. Wes Bentley


Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games) may not be as big as someone like Brandon Molale, but that’s why they invented Hollywood trainers. If they can put enough muscle on Gal Gadot to play Wonder Woman, they can easily help Bentley pack on a bit of muscle. Just look at how gigantic both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have gotten for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bentley looks the part, he’s a good actor, and he’s the kind of leading man that could stick around the DCCU for a while and hold his own on screen with Affleck, Cavill, Gadot, and yes, Johnson. 


What do you think of this list? Who would you like to see play Shazam? Let me know in the comments!


18 thoughts on “5 Actors Who Could Play Shazam

    The guy is PERFECT for this role. We know he can act and be funny (Dodgeball, Mr. Deeds) and the fact he looks EXACTLY like Shazam……..well duh! If they don’t use Molale……. a lot of fans are gonna be pissed! The Rock and Molale would make a great movie!

  2. hands down theres no one that can play this role better than brandon molale! Brandon can do this role he was born to play this role and he’s been working his butt off in Hollywood to play this role so all you big wigs out there in Hollywood. .. give this guy the break he so deserves!

    1. I’ve been agitating for Patrick Warburton as CAPTAIN MARVEL – NOT “SHAZAM”, GODDAMNIT! – for years, but, like Bruce Campbell, he’s just gotten TOO OLD for the role. My new choice is Brandon Molale– physically, he’s IDEAL for the part, and his enthusiasm is a definite plus; I just hope his suitability doesn’t make him unsuitable according to WB warped logic, in the wake of the Gadot debacle.

      1. DC definitely likes to think outside the box with their casting choices. I’m still hopeful that Gadot will do a good job… but we’ll see.

  3. The first guy! Brandon Molole. I’ve seen him in a few things. His face is the right shape and almost matches the comic book. He’s certainly got the right build for it. Bruce is too old and not buff enough. None of the other guys are buff enough either.

    1. Not the first time I’ve heard his name tossed around! That would make Shazam a cool Pain & Gain reunion… I’m not that big of a Wahlberg fan but I could see it.

  4. Brandon Molale hands down!!! He has EVERYTHING it takes…and the desire too??? Come on Hollywood! What are you waiting for? You already have your answer. He IS Shazam.

  5. Brandon Molale, not only does he LOOK just like Shazam, I feel he would be the most believable actor than the others to face “The Rock”.(The other actors are either too old, too funny, too small and too young).

  6. Brandon Molale is the only choice that would make sense. He looks like him, body builder, great personality. Women go crazy for him….Shall I go on?

  7. I was initially a fan of Daniel Cudmore because of his resemblance, age, and muscular physique. However, I now would like to throw Michael Trucco’s name into the mix. His natural charisma would be more entertaining to watch than most of the people on this list. All he would have to do is go to the Chris Pratt school of getting huge and he’d be my top pick.

  8. To play Shazam, I’d suggest Richard Harris, Christopher Lee, or Ian McKellan. They can each pull off the robes and white bearded wizard look.

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