10 Villains Zack Snyder Could Use In Justice League Instead Of Darkseid

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Aquaman v Batman

It’s been long rumored that Darkseid would appear in the upcoming Justice League film (expected in 2017) to take on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Superfriends, but a new rumor has surfaced that suggests that the formidable foe may not actually make his big screen debut until the Justice League sequel.

It’s no secret that in order to rally Earth’s heroes together and form the Justice League, there has to be a major threat that requires their undivided attention. If Darkseid isn’t the one to do it, who is?

Darkseid may be the most popular and iconic DC supervillain to take on the Justice League (as he’s appeared in nearly all forms of media, from the animated shows and movies and even in Smallville’s final season), but he’s definitely not the only one badass enough to take on the League. Many forget that the DC Universe is a big place full of awesome bad guys who could easily give the JLA a run for their money.

Continue reading my list of 10 villains Zack Snyder could use in his Justice League film instead of Darkseid on WhatCulture!


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